Website Consolidation

Consolidation needs to happen for a number of reasons:

  • Things were not quite completed when you first went live
  • You have been too busy and let your website slip

  • Your current website solution is limiting you

Fear not.

We are versed in assessing, recommending and implementing short, medium and long-term gains for your  business website so it is secure, relevant to your potential clients and customers and loved by search engines.

What do we actually do?


First of all we assess what is going on under the bonnet.

  • Technical update of your website environment

    We recommend what software needs to be kept updated to avoid conflicts, compatibility issues and security risks.

  • Software recommendations, installations and testing

    As new plug-ins become available, improved or in some cases bettered, we recommend what the best software is for your current set up.

  • Optimising infrastructure

    Most of the software installed use the default settings and we recommend getting more out of the core ones for improved performance.


A lot of Search Engine Optimisation is about laying out your content correctly. Just as importantly it is about search engines understanding who you are trying to attract. Next, we look at this.

  • Audience Analysis

    We assess if the website is talking to the right audience based on what you are expecting

  • Website page journey analysis

    We assess if the expected outcome is the actual outcome and where the user may find it difficult to follow or potentially bail out.

  • Page Structure Analysis

    We look at On-page SEO audit and recommend any improvements required.

    We look at page meta data and recommend any improvements required.


Most themes are labelled “mobile friendly”. They stack correctly and the menu becomes a dropdown. However, not everything translates well from desktop to mobile. We look at this.

  • Page Element positions

    We assess if the elements load correctly

  • Content Appropriateness

    We assess if content having loaded correctly for responsive design is still conveying the intended message.

  • Content Speed

    We check load times and recommend alternative ideas

Complementary and Essential Services

Finally we look at what other services you are using or we recommend you should use.

Have a question or just want some information on how we can help?