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Google Advertising Agency Oxford

Google Advertising is a highly effective way of driving traffic to your website.

Using paid advertising is the ideal way to reach your defined audience.  For new businesses and those introducing new products and services, paid advertising is ideal. For companies in highly competitive market places, a mix of paid advertising and strong SEO efforts is recommended.

Local Customer Base

Google Ads is a highly flexible marketing platform tapping into a huge source of potential customers. We work with companies large and small in the Oxfordshire area who want to extend their reach while maximising their budget.

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What does a Google Advertising agency do?

A Google Advertising agency knows how to utilise your precious budget to maximise lead generation opportunities. Accepting the defaults and recommendations of a Google Campaign set up alone is usually the costly option and only half the story. Many of our clients come to us after trying out Google Ads themselves and spending high budgets and ending with low conversions.

Brutally Honest Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Do Google Ads bring instant results?2022-07-26T06:29:36+00:00

Yes but not always the results you want. In the good old days we have had ‘next day’ successes from a new Campaign for a new client. Today’s Google Ads is all about machine learning and combinations and this can take 5 days or so to be optimised. And results are not just about lead conversion. Some ads are there specifically for brand awareness and we broadcast your products and services to as many of the right people as possible. This does happen instantly.

Also don’t forget that even poor performing ads tell their own story. That’s why it is imperative to keep on top of any Campaign so we are constantly tweaking and perfecting.


When should I use Google Ads?2022-07-26T06:31:04+00:00

Google ads should be used and available as part of your overall marketing strategy. They can be set up and switched on and off as and when required and useful for all sorts of scenarios:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Introducing your business to a new sector or geographic location
  • Boosting an area of the business where interest has waned
  • A completely new business

A healthy mix of SEO efforts and a sensible Google Advertising Campaign is we think a recommended position to be in.




How much do Google Ads cost?2022-07-25T18:25:18+00:00

Google ads cost whatever your fellow competitors are willing to pay for the same keyword as you are bidding for.

We have clients who spend no more than £5 a day and others who spend no less than £50 a day. Part of a professional service is to maximise what you are prepared to pay by tweaking the multitude of ever changing settings and not accepting blindly the defaults and recommendations you are constantly given. Also have in mind what the ads are being used for and where you want them to show.

Are Google Ads worth it?2022-07-26T06:33:13+00:00

Yes when done correctly.

Google Ads are worth it because you have total control on who to reach, when to reach and how much you are willing to pay. 

Let’s examine when they don’t work:

  1. Setting up a campaign and accepting all the defaults and ticking all the recommendations because it is easy.
  2. Trying to keep pace with Google’s constant desire to change the functionality and the interface while trying to run your business.
  3. Letting it run in the background and not watching what is going on.
  4. Increasing the budget because your latest 12 week Google representative tells you to
  5. When Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommends updates that are so general it has the opposite effect for your nuanced business.

Like everything, it needs to be set up properly and managed or it becomes disheartening and expensive.


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