Ongoing Support, Advice & Deployment

Initially there is a lot of effort to get your site up and running. A website for a new business has different challenges to a business with a new website. Each type is considered and an action plan is created for you. You can use us to help you navigate the plan or just call on us if you get too busy or stuck on something.


Support for when the worst happens

  • We use a range of tools to make sure your website is secure as possible. These include  scanning core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.

  • If the worst happens we have tools to repair infected files and restore the website quickly and efficiently ensuring minimum downtime.

  • All this of course is partly compromised if you use qwerty as your Admin password so we also help you to use secure passwords.

One dollar websites
One dollar websites

Third-Party Providers

  • Our intelligent Google Ad Campaigns with persuasive landing pages get you leads

  • Work with our partners to grow a strong Social presence that is joined up with your website

  • Work with a range of our close partners to extend the functionality and audience reach – Film, Brochures, Graphic Designers

Website updates

  • We can update you website if you are too busy and need some help

  • We can easily create new areas when you extend your products and services

  • We can update the whole website when the time comes

One dollar websites
One dollar websites

Do Nothing

  • We won’t do anything if you don’t want us to

  • We can Zip the website up and send you it

  • We will ensure all the files are removed securely from our systems

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