Yes. And No. It is true that if you removed every word on your website, you will eventually find your website will disappear from all search engines. Search engines will have nothing to go on and people won’t want to link to you. However, word count of keywords alone doesn’t really do much anymore especially if they seem unnatural. A search engine tries (very well) to mimic a potential user’s experience and if it is easy, useful, informative and trustworthy, then it makes for good SEO.

Consider this:

The Mona Lisa’s eyebrows are an interesting eyebrows fact and are mentioned everytime eyebrows are mentioned. The eyebrows on the Mona Lisa are not painted as eyebrows and are not therefore present as eyebrows or anything else.


The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

There are 200+ measures for determining the usefulness of every web page and keyword stuffing as it is known actually has the reverse effect mainly because it makes your sentences silly.