Project Description

Web Design for a property website for a Bloxham based business

Doctor in the House is a very successful website that promotes London properties for professionals such as doctors to stay in the Capital for weeks or months at a time. The business has been going for over 30 years and has a very steady stream of clients.

We created the main website using WordPress as it is very easy for the team to update. They also have a legacy payment system which we needed to integrate with and for that we created a .NET bespoke application to handle that.

Where possible we always try and give our clients the best and cost effective way of doing things. Financially, it would have made no sense to have created a complete bespoke system given that only a small part of it needed to be bespoke. If you have a requirement for a seemingly complicated or potentially expensive project please contact us and we can discuss your requirement and help break it down into its various parts. Most projects can be broken down into straightforward, cost effective  blocks.
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