Project Description

Web design for a business nearer Los Angeles than Oxford!

AGM needed to update their website in days. We were happy to oblige. Based in Los Angeles, the communication was via email and Skype. Dropbox handled the storage for the image library and the only real challenge was to remember to put “color” and “organize”.

We packaged the website up and sent it off with an extraction process to be used at the other end. As it turned out however, they were more than happy for it to be hosted with us.

What happens when we host your site?

  • Your website is backed up
  • It is easier for us (and you) to give you Google Analytics reporting and to look after Google Search Panel (Webmaster)
  • We act on your behalf should the website have a problem with the hosting package
  • We provide an email package (for free) which while basic is easy to set up on your devices and easy to add people to it.
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