Web designer has many hats

Doing more than designing WordPress websites

When we launched Oxfordshire Web Services over two years ago, I was very happy creating very nice WordPress websites for very nice clients. I optimised my content for “web design SME oxfordshire” and this long tail approach worked well.

As clients came through the door I soon realised the designing of the website is a very small part of a much bigger marketing process.

The Website

Take the website. Being able to customise a WordPress theme and manipulating a style sheet and adding the assortment of plug-ins is a job for someone. But that alone doesn’t bring success.  Far from it.

To have any chance of your website doing well you need to incorporate it in your overall marketing plan. And if our clients don’t have a plan as many initially don’t, we help create one.

This then opens up a whole raft of marketing and business skills we have had to acquire.

Having an almost stand-alone website just doesn’t cut the mustard.

What happens when nothing happens?

tumbleweedThe uncomfortable truth about Google is that it is probably not as interested in your brand new website as you are. Therefore you need to employ a whole range of strategies and skills to get yourself on the map.

Understanding the data, Pay Per Click advertising and remarketing, content strategy and implementation, Social Media, link building…all require a whole range of digital marketing skills. And interestingly this applies to every size company.

 What happens when a client wants to shoot a donkey?

I wear many hats. Creating Web Engagement Strategies, creating websites, designing artwork, Google Advertising, SEO consultant and so on but I can’t take a good photo (especially donkeys). I am not a very good video editor. My Social Media involvement is minimal. I am not very good at writing content. I have no PR skills.

But it no longer matters. 

What I have learnt in the 2+ years of my latest adventure named Oxfordshire Web Services is that there are plenty of great people who can dip in and out of any project. They bring a level of expertise I can’t match. And they bring me in when they need help.

So are we a digital marketing agency?

Well, Wikipedia states: Digital Marketing makes use of electronic devices and Agency as the capacity of an agent (a person or other entity) to act in a world so..YES!

The difference is we are made up of small groups of professionals who trust each other’s abilities to do well when called upon. Just being a web designer is not the whole story at all and so from now on we are a proud, if a little spread out, Digital Marketing Agency.