How to improve your online proposition

Is your website working hard enough or have you ever heard yourself saying any of the following:

People know us through referrals and word of mouth not Google search so we don’t really need to spend too long on SEO, it’s not that type of business.

  • No idea how many hits we get each week.
  • We don’t see the value of Social Media for the type of business we are.
  • We can’t afford to spend money on our web proposition as the return will be insignificant.
  • We can’t afford to spend time on our web proposition as we have limited skilled resource.
  • We are too small and could never compete with our competitors’ available resources.
  • I keep putting it off but am about to start.


Hits not misses

If you are not getting hits then you are missing out on potential business. And it is really easy to get your website to work harder. Usually it is a number of technical and non technical reasons that are to blame. Non technical issues can be resolved quickly. Depending on what platform your site is written on, technical issues will either be straightforward to sort out…or a nightmare. Our free web assessment would get to the bottom of that but the good news is nothing is insurmountable.



In 2013 we will see online and offline reputation being increasingly treated as one and the same. If you want to maintain your offline reputation you need to spend time on your online one regardless of people searching for you on search engines or not. This is achievable with a good strategy.

People like to assess you in their own time

–after a meeting, when they get home, when talking about you to a colleague, after receiving other marketing collateral- and the web is the best place to do it.

There needs to be continuity between what you have said in an offline meeting room and what you say online to the world.

Google assesses you on relevance and reputation. The more relevant and reputable it thinks you are, the greater the ranking. Therefore a sign that you are doing everything to enhance your reputation is when you start featuring prominently in Google results, even if you really don’t need to!

We have lots of ways for you to do this.

Social Media; even for those who don’t feel very sociable.

The term ‘Social Media’ means many things to many people but in business we all know it is not about telling people what you had for breakfast (unless you are a breakfast eating critic).  It helps generate sales leads and drive new business through information sharing, gather business intelligence and for many bring them closer to their customers.

Even if you don’t like the idea, a small amount of well focussed effort can pay off. At the very minimum it is worth setting up alerts to let you know when someone mentions you online or is after your products and services. It is designed to be ridiculously easy and as its free so you should consider a few options available. We can guide you on this if you would like us to.

 Spending time and money on your web proposition

A good web engagement strategy would address the ever present time and money issues. If you have a lot to say on your specialist product or service but no time to say it then a daily newsletter to your customer and prospects is not for you.  But doing small things when you can will improve your online proposition.

Here are some examples:

  • Blog: Write a blog.
  • Tweet: If you have put on a new blog post, Tweet it with a short link to it and remember to leave enough characters for others to Retweet it.
  • Join forums: Now and again (or set up alerts), have a look around and try and be useful. It will help.
  • Update your products, services and clients on your site so the information is current and fresh.

There are hundreds of small things you can do, it is a matter of finding the ones you are comfortable with and where your audience is likely to be.

What can I do today?

We are currently offering a free health check to all businesses in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. If you are not from this local area we are still offer the service for free but for a limited time period.

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