Before we delve into some top tips to get your landing pages working, lets take a few moments to tell you what we think a landing page is.

So what is a landing page?

A landing page is a single page a visitor gets to as a result of online (and offline) advertising or from a search result. If from a paid advert such as Google AdWords, the page should display directed sales content as an extension to that advert. If from a search result, the content will have in most cases appropriate content (or Google wouldn’t have suggested it!)

Is a landing page any more special then any of my other pages?

Strictly speaking all pages other than the supporting ones (about us, sitemap T&Cs etc) should follow a ‘landing page’ mentality when putting them together as we will see in a minute.

Having said that some people may have strict rules as to what constitutes an online marketing landing page . These would include no links and navigation just one message and one call to action.

We have no argument with that. What we are saying here is that your prominent pages need to have a focus if they are to generate revenue and following just these 5 landing page top tips gives you that.

5 Top tips for higher converting landing pages

 1. Always let your potential customer know what you want them to do

A simple call to action such as calling or emailing is a great start and should be prominent on the page – usually top right. But also by adding an additional reason such as ‘for a quote’ or ‘for a brochure’ makes the call easier to do.

2. Let your audience know quickly why you may be what they are looking for

I really don’t want to guess what you do and I don’t want to look around your site to try and find out.

You need to tell me in seconds what it is you do. (Our web engagement strategy process does all this by the way)

3. Make sure your main message is ‘above the fold’

Whatever it is you want to get potential customers excited about, make sure it can be seen without having to scroll down the page.

4. Offer an alternative call to action

Not everyone likes to use the phone. Offer alternative ideas to get people to contact you

Just remember not to go off message. If your page is all about bespoke wooden furniture make sure your secondary call to action isn’t about MDF DIY.

5. They are not applying for a mortgage. Keep your contact form simple.

If your potential customer is interested in your business then it is important for you to communicate to them asap. Don’t put them off with forms that people don’t want to fill in when the information you are requesting is not important in getting that initial contact.