Plan of Action for your website

Is your Digital Marketing Efforts Generating Enough Revenue?

It often helps to ask  yourself the following questions:

  • Have we planned enough?
  • Have we created a nice journey for our audience to take?
  • Is there something realistic our audience can do?
  • Can we find out who are visitors are?
  • Can we find out and change what’s not working?
Small stepsYour digital marketing effort is all about lots of small steps
done frequently and enjoyably.

Let’s get you some promising leads!

Dom-knight-in OfficeThere are lots of things you can do right now that will instantly improve your digital marketing efforts. Let’s start with your website.
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  • Overall Experience- A summary of your website
  • Technical Overview – ‘on-page’ SEO and other factors.
  • Accessibility – What was the user journey like?
  • Marketing & Branding – How strong is it compared to a nearby competitor?
  • Call to Action – Did we do what we were meant to do?

About Oxfordshire Web Services

Based just outside Woodstock, Oxfordshire, we have been developing Digital Marketing  strategies, websites and apps for all business types and sizes. For websites we specialise in three areas:

1) Content Management Systems, predominantly WordPress. They can be quickly designed, extremely flexible and very cost effective.

2) Bespoke development in .NET. In 2001 we created a dedicated development team in Sophia and have completed major development projects for UK businesses.

3) Development projects utilising a combination of the two areas above.