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Get found locally with our Business Local service

What do you notice about the picture?

  • Lots of Ads
  • Local Map
  • No organic search results
This is the “above the fold” search results page for “electrician woodstock oxfordshire

And Google have a variety of ways of presenting the results depending on what they have available to show, type of business and what you have done to encourage them to show you.

So what can you do?

We have a service that will help you stay above the fold while your competitors languish below.

Business Local

Business Local Service Our Business Local service sets the necessary wheels in motion so you can vastly improve your local visibility.
Our service includes:
  • Professional submission to the major search engines
  • Professional profile set up
  • Submission to relevant local listings
  • Ongoing submissions
  • AdWord set up with appropriate custom landing pages
  • Monthly reporting
  • Local reviews
  • Expert advice and guides

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