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Bespoke WordPress training and digital marketing courses

WordPress TrainingWe have been delivering bespokeWordPress training and digital marketing courses and half day workshops in and around Oxfordshire for many years to help businesses understand, manage and enjoy getting to grips with their digital marketing.

To create a hard-working website you need an understanding of both marketing and practical skills. Just knowing how to install WordPress or change the background of a page won’t unfortunately cut the mustard.

Our courses are not just “how to” guides. From years of experience building business websites and tweaking ideas until they work, we can give you a fast-track understanding of the why as well as the how.

The one-to-one courses are completely bespoke.

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to build your first website, tasked with improving an existing one, wanting to move to the next skill level or wanting to get to grips with all the associated functions such as image creation, AdWords, SEO or Google Analytics, we can help you.

Your course is designed based on what your pre-course form tells us what you would like to know.

All courses are practical and examples are taken from your business and business sector.

Our WordPress training and digital marketing courses

Here are some example topics you may be looking for:

Digital Marketing CourseDigital Marketing Essentials

A half day course exploring what great digital marketing can do for your business. We put order and priority into what you need to be doing and create a digital path for you to follow and enjoy. This course is also suitable for small groups of individuals.

  • Demystifying Digital Marketing
  • Discover who your actual online audience is, where they are and what they are looking for
  • The numbers – For every £1 of sales, how many people actually need to be aware of your online offering?
  • Research – Tools to find out the potential audience and practical ideas of what your messages should be
  • SEO – What does it refer to in 2016 and what can you do about it?
  • Website – 5 great ideas you can start implementing today
  • Social Media – Are you fishing in the right pond?
  • Measuring – Simple steps to measure your efforts

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Look at individual marketing strands in a strategic and proactive way.
  • Create focussed branded messages for your digital marketing output
  • Measure success

Cost  £99 per person

WordPress CourseWordPress Foundation

Everything you need to know about WordPress and were afraid to ask.

  • Setting up your website on a cloud hosting platform
  • Introducing the WordPress Admin panel
  • Adding Posts, creating Pages and adding images
  • Adding a Theme
  • Adding useful Plug-ins to extend the functionality
  • Website – 5 great ideas you can start implementing today
  • Essential maintenance – Security and back-up
  • Measuring – Simple steps to measure your efforts

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Create your WordPress website
  • Understand WordPress themes and plugins
  • Manage your WordPress website
  • Make changes to improve your WordPress website
  • Integrate social media into your WordPress website
  • Promote yourself
  • Add users to your WordPress website

Cost: £295 for a bespoke one-to-one day course

Google Products Course Photoshop Course WordPress Plus CourseWebsite Professional

This course tackles the next stage in your WordPress development.

  • Sourcing a Theme that has much more scope for custom development
  • Manipulating the CSS to create bespoke designs
  • Utilising Advanced Plug-ins
  • Setting up an ecommerce shop
  • Understanding the data your website generates
  • SEO – Deeper understanding in what this actually means in 2016
  • Getting to grips with Photoshop for web-ready images
  • Keeping an eye on what search engines think of you
  • Social Media Integration

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Apply professional digital marketing techniques to your website
  • Gain a greater understanding of how your theme works
  • Inspect elements and change via the Stylesheet
  • Work with professional plugins
  • Give your Admin panel a professional finish
  • Create web-ready images with Photoshop
  • Explore Google Search (Webmaster)
  • Set up auto reporting on Google Analytics
  • Create AdWord Landing pages

Cost: £345 for a bespoke one-to-one day course

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