Bespoke Development.

Sometimes you just need a very bespoke, development solution. Functionality that you can’t just get out of the box

  • Complex projects are made possible
  • Feature-rich development
  • Reliable, fast, secure

Project-based engagement

Our project-based engagement model are for those who have a one-off project or set of projects with defined requirements and deliverables. Having this initial good planning and typically working within a set of brand guidelines, our iterative approach is perfectly suited to these project types.

dot net developer

Main Advantages of Our .NET Solution

Tailored to your exact requirement

Your project is developed and built to meet your exact requirements.

Flexibility and Scalability

Being created from the ground up, future adaptations and their ramifications can easily be assessed and implemented.

You own the Intellectual Property

What you create becomes yours and an asset to your business.


Projects are executed in a virtual environment and it has been compiled beforehand. This makes it incredibly secure.

Competitive Advantage

Realising the knowledge and experience of your business by creating a bespoke solution with no workarounds will give you a competitive edge.

At Oxfordshire Web Services we have been creating bespoke projects for the past 12 years. We are able to be cost effective because our team is split between Oxford and Sophia. Our rates are extremely competitive for this type of high quality, sophisticated project types.

Development team Oxford and Sophia

Dedicated Development Team

We offer dedicated team services to extend and complement your in-house development resources. Working remotely and during your business hours our team are there to work alongside you and adhere to your business Best Practices.

We offer both short and long-term periods at extremely competitive rates.

Our .NET team are based in Sophia with only 1 hour time difference and our main office just outside Oxford for our weekly face-to-face progress meetings. We have worked on very successful projects for businesses based in Oxford and in particular Oxford Science Parks, London and across the South East of England.

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