Be informed

Actual data takes out the need for opinions based on something intangible. It may look nice but if the data says this page is not working then change it.

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All our websites are integrated into analysis tools for light or detailed analytical reporting. We also work hard to give you information rather than data.

This enables you to quickly see what works and where the design loses the potential lead, enquiry or purchase.

We also like to give you periodic information on what search engines think of you so you can make sure you are on message to the right audience (please see “Be found” and “Be engaging”)


An enquiry is not an enquiry unless the person has a name! You have to be realistic in your approach to this and be prepared to use a number of strategies so they enter your sales pipeline.

At OWS, our goal is for you to know who they are either as potential leads, hot leads, customers or long -term clients so you can foster the appropriate sales and marketing strategy.

Core 4: Be Flexible

Be Flexible

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