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A professionally designed website isn’t just about how it looks, what bits jump out at you and how it works on a selection of devices (known as Responsive Design).
ALL sized companies should consider “Brand” as important to their (digital) marketing success and your brand doesn’t come from a paid theme with custom settings.

Web design

To be engaging we at OWS follow best practice web design principles yes but always have in mind that your company objectives, philosophy and attitude play an important part in the design process.

It has to look good and if that involves something jumping out, we make it jump and it has to be responsive for all devices but it also has to be appropriate to your audience and your valuesit has to feel right– and that’s more far-reaching than just choosing a good theme.


We offer two web platforms: WordPress and .NET.
Please follow the links for information on our development teams and the process we use and what solution would fit best for your next project.

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